Rig 58
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Mechanical 1000 horsepower
Drilling Depth Capacity
14,000 Feet
National 80-B with a two-engine sectional compound, powered by two D-379 Caterpillar engines with National 245-125 torque converters
Two 1300hp National 10P130 powered by D399 Caterpillar engines
Masts & Substructure
136' high x 21' base, 600,000lb capacity mast with type 20' high box-on-box substructure with 16' 9" clear height
Mud Tank System
  • Two active tanks with 884bbl total capacity
  • Vortex Fluid Systems double, elliptical motion shale shakers
  • Brandt agitators
  • 2-cone desander
  • 16-cone desilter
  • Mud hopper
  • Atmospheric degasser
Two Detroit 60 series engines, powering Marathon , 380KW generators with switch gear and controls, mounted in an 11' 6 wide , 40' long generator house
Drill Line
1-1/4", 6 x 19 IWRC
Emsco T-2750 500 ton with 27-1/2" opening
Block / Hook
Mckissic 350 ton
Top Drive
Tesco 250 ton HXI
Drill String
14,000' of 4-1/2" X-95 16.60#/ft.
Twenty-one 6-1/2" Drill Collars
Blowout Preventer System
  • Townsend Type 82, 11 x 5000psi double ram BOP
  • Hydril GK 11 x 5000psi annular BOP
  • 4-1/16 X 5000psi Barton choke manifold withadjustable and manual chokes and gas buster
  • Burns & Koomey eight station accumulator with one triplex pump and three air pumps
Auxiliary Equipment
  • Toolpushers quarters
  • Fire extinguishers
  • 10,000 gallon fuel tank
  • 500 barrel water tank
  • Type B rotary tongs
  • Handling tools for 4-1/2" pipe
  • Pipe racks
  • Air compressors
  • Varco SSW10 pipe spinner
Location Plat (PDF format)

Justiss Rig 58 surpasses two years without a lost-time accident.
The crew and toolpushers on Rig 58 were given special recognition for operating two years without a single lost time accident in October, 2011. And as we approach another October they are well on their way to the three year mark!



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