Rig Equipment

Workover Rig Package

No pit disposal

Includes rig and equipment, pump package, 120 or 200 bbl tank, one set of pipe racks, and a four man crew.

Pump Packages

No pit disposal, 6-hour minimum per day

Gardner-Denver PAH or PJ8 with 8V-71 Detroit skid mounted

Gardner-Denver PAH or PJ8 with Detroit Series 60

Gardner-Denver TEE BFB or National JWS 165 with 6-71 Detroit skid mounted

Mud Mixer

Skid mounted mud hopper, centrifugal pump, and Detroit engine

Base Beam

7 1/2" X 1' X 40' Rig up beam


4' X 3 1/2'' X 40' Catwalk

Workover Tanks

Operator must clean tanks prior to release and return

120 or 200 bbl steel tank


Two Detroit 60 series engines, powering Marathon, 380KW generators with switch gear and controls, mounted in an 11' 6” wide, 40' long generator house

Blowout Preventers

Hydraulic BOP, 7 1/16" 5000 double

Hydraulic BOP, 7 1/16" 3000 single

*Damaged or ruined rams, wipers, or stripped rubber will be charged to customer at current retail prices.

Pressure Hose

2" X 35' X 5000 psi


One-ton service truck

1/2 & 3/4-ton service truck

130 bbl vacuum truck

Hot Oil Truck 

Two-ton service truck w/ goose-neck trailer

Truck driver